Orkney :: The Italian Chapel
September 2014
The Italian Chapel was built during WWII on the small isle of Lamb Holm, located on the edge of Scapa Flow in Orkney.  The chapel was built by Italian prisoners of war captured in North Africa and put to work on the Churchill Barriers.  Using limited materials available to them, the prisoners joined two Nissen Huts end to end to make the chapel. They created a facade out of concrete, concealing the shape of the hut and making the building look like a church. The light holders were made out of corned beef tins. The baptismal font was made from the inside of a car exhaust covered in a layer of concrete.  Much of the artistic work was done by Domenico Chiocchetti from Moena who returned to finish his work after the war ended.

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Killiecrankie and Kinloch Rannock in Autumn
An Icelandic Miscellany
A selection of images that didn't fit with the other projects.
Water of Dunalastair :: Sunset
Sunset at Dunalastair Water, Scotland
Heaven Revisited
Sunset at Tram Ton Pass near Sapa, Lào Cai Province, North-West Vietnam. This is Vietnam's highest mountain pass (1,900 metres) and it regularly has extreme winds as it acts as a dividing line between two weather fronts - on one side is Sapa which is about the coldest place in Vietnam and on the other is Lai Chau which is one of the warmest. I was perched on a rickety bamboo platform jutting over the edge of the cliff - what could possibly go wrong! There was only the odd moment when I was not completely enveloped in cloud - the whole day had been fog so thick in Sapa that you could not see across the road. So, much to the amusement of the locals I decided to see if the weather was any better at Tram Ton Pass and to try and get some sunset photos. I was at the pass for about an hour, and for about 45 minutes of that time I was completely enveloped in fog. These images reflect pretty much the only time I could take pictures (between cloud and wind gusts and the movement of the platform).
Iceland :: Departure, A Story of Loss
We were always full of words. There's a story in here somewhere.
Orkney :: Island of Hoy
Who will mark the grave of poor Betty Corrigall? The Old Man of Hoy?
Isle of Skye :: Sligachan
Photographs from around Sligachan
Hebrides :: Isle of Eigg
Isle of Eigg, Inner Hebrides, September 2011
Vietnam :: Heaven's Gate
North-West Vietnam, Tram Ton Pass near Sa Pa
Iceland :: Skógafoss
September 2013
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