Iceland :: Road to Þorsmörk
Epic journey to Þorsmörk
Let's take this turn - I've heard Þorsmörk is really awesome.
This is a 360 degree panorama taken at the third river crossing along the road - deeper than it looks (about two thirds of a tripod).  This is where we learned the difference between a 4-wheel drive (what we had) and a high-wheelbase 4-wheel drive (what we didn't have).  Luckily we found out before ending up in the "Cars in Rivers" exhibition in Reykjavik.
The approaching high-wheelbase 4-wheel drive (don't you hate people who have all the right gear)!  In the background...the elusive Þorsmörk.
Nothing to do but head back and make a proper plan.
After maybe just one more picture.

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