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My Eternal Thief - Talk Without Words...
And now for something different...
A long time before I was in to photography I was a musician - I played in a number of Australian bands throughout the 80s and 90s (Madroom, King Snake Roost, Deathless and Kaktus Mantras to name a few).  I played on about 30 releases and toured Australia, USA and Europe - but since I moved to the UK (in 1999) I have only done 'solo' studio work.  There are a couple of books out that suggest that King Snake Roost is one of bands who 'invented grunge' (sorry!) - one is Blunt: A Biased History of Australian Rock.  But key to that is that we never believed we were inventing anything - we were just not playing the same crud as everyone else (it only became cool to be grunge years afterward).  I think the word 'crunk' better describes KSR!
I have a history of being in bands that very few people saw, although everyone claims to have been at 'all the shows' years afterward.  In fact, I once published a review in an Australian music magazine for a gig which never happened for a band that never existed (the band was called The Art Pigs) - and I have had people swear they were at that gig.
I released a solo album in early 00s under the name Eternia called From Dungeon's Luxury of Doubt.  Then I started recording under the name My Eternal Thief.  The song on this page is My Eternal Thief's cover of Talk Without Words - originally by And Also the Trees - it was recorded for an AATT tribute compilation Beyond the Horizon.  AATT are one of my long time favourite bands (along with Joy Division, The Comsat Angels and Swans).
This track includes hurdy gurdy, erhu, bass, vocals and lots of electronics (but no sample loops).
The images are from my recent trip to Perthshire in Scotland and include Rannoch Moor, Dhub Lochan, Killiecrankie Gorge and Dunalastair.  The ruin is Dunalastair Castle.

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Isle of Skye :: Carbost
A view of Carbost on the Minginish Peninsula with the Cuillins in the background.
Water of Dunalastair :: Morning Mist
Early morning fog on Dunalastair Water
Orkney :: St Magnus Cathedral
St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, Orkney
Isle of Mull :: The Promise
Abandoned boats (but not hope).
Cambridge :: The Backs
The Backs, Cambridge
Rannoch :: Dubh Lochan
A few moments at Rannoch Station
Heaven Revisited
Sunset at Tram Ton Pass near Sapa, Lào Cai Province, North-West Vietnam. This is Vietnam's highest mountain pass (1,900 metres) and it regularly has extreme winds as it acts as a dividing line between two weather fronts - on one side is Sapa which is about the coldest place in Vietnam and on the other is Lai Chau which is one of the warmest. I was perched on a rickety bamboo platform jutting over the edge of the cliff - what could possibly go wrong! There was only the odd moment when I was not completely enveloped in cloud - the whole day had been fog so thick in Sapa that you could not see across the road. So, much to the amusement of the locals I decided to see if the weather was any better at Tram Ton Pass and to try and get some sunset photos. I was at the pass for about an hour, and for about 45 minutes of that time I was completely enveloped in fog. These images reflect pretty much the only time I could take pictures (between cloud and wind gusts and the movement of the platform).
Belgium :: Bruges
A day in Bruges
Iceland :: Reykjanes
Images from Krýsuvik, Seltún Geothermal Fields, Kleifarvatn, Sveifluháls and Svartsengi Geothermal Power Station.
Iceland :: Sunset over Þingvellir
Driving back to Reykjavik
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